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videoPricing/Service InformationWe offer a wide variety of video services, from video production (and post-production), coverage of your special event, pictures-to-video, tape repair, etc. Any need you have is affordably found here! Click on the link to learn more...

Video is the other aspect of our business at A Master Image...

We began taping back with the advent of commercial video in 1979. We are the low cost alternative to video production as well as videotape duplication (pick-up/delivery service available - often free!). We can edit your tapes while you sit next to us (or self-service if you know what you're doing), do video scrapbooks, and even repair broken or chewed up tapes...

Any Event or Subject - no job too large or small! We take extraordinary measures to do the very best job possible.

We provide you with friendly, professional service.

  • Special occasions - Weddings, Parties, Reunions, Award ceremonies, Anniversaries, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Funerals, Whatever...
  • Seminars - Training, Presentations, Teaching
  • Advertising - Broadcast quality
  • Promotions
  • In-house
  • Pictures-to-video - Check out the paragraph to follow, describing our unique approach
  • Evidence - Chronicle the facts. Narration included to explain important information for documentation.

Pictures-to-video - We can put your pictures (prints and/or slides - even incorporating your own videotape footage) to videotape or DVD, and add music and graphics. Unlike most places that offer this service, we custom crop every picture to be the best possible image, lightening/darkening as appropriate. Then we dissolve them, one into the next, at variable rates, so that pictures are viewed for their true interest value, not the same 6 seconds, regardless of whether you have one person or ten in the picture. And, best of all, we're more than price competitive! Check us out to see what a fine value you'll receive.

It's impossible to give a simple pricing guide to fit so many scenarios on this website, so please give us a call and we'll provide you with pricing and service details to fit your needs.

Preview A Master Image Demo:

This demo video clip has been condensed for use on the Internet and does not reflect the true image quality of A Master Image DVDs

For a Wedding Demo only visit:

Please note: Because we care so much about quality, our sample video is intended only for users with broadband connections (cable or DSL modems.) If you have a dial-up connection and would prefer to not wait for a long download, please contact us and we'll send you a DVD of the same sample video.

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